Remember to Water

  • Newly planted trees and shrubs can take up to a year to become established in your landscape.
  • Hand water newly planted trees and shrubs twice a week for one to two minutes (about 5 to 10 gallons) each.
  • Do not rely solely on irrigation the first year after installation because the plant has not fully rooted in the existing soil.
  • The entire rootball needs to be saturated. Irrigation has a tendency to spread a thin layer of water over a wide area and can also overwater established plant material in conditions that are already wet enough.

top dressing

If You Haven't Seen Our Top Dresser In Action, Check It Out!

Top dressing uniformly spreads a thin layer of compost over your lawn and over time, improves the soil, and provides many benefits for the lawn.

  • It improves soil by adding organic matter back to the lawn.

  • Smooths the lawn surface leveling bumps and low spots.

  • Combined with aerating, it puts nutrients deeper into the soil.

  • It retains moisture and ensures the grass seed has good contact with the soil to improve seed germination!

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