Irrigation Services

Water Smart

Having The Proper Irrigation System Is Key To Maintaining A Beautiful Landscape.

Irrigation Isn't A "One & Done"

When designing or modifying an irrigation system, it’s important to consider different water requirements in your yard.  Trees, shrubs grass, and container plantings all need varying amounts of water.

If your system is 10, 15 or even 20 years old, odds are your landscape has changed.  It’s time to ensure everything is receiving adequate water and areas aren’t watered unnecessarily.  It’s also a good time to update by adding modern water saving features.

Our Services

  • Design and Build of New Systems
  • Update and Repair Existing Systems
  • Redesign Existing Systems to Fit With the Needs of New Landscaping
Here's How You Can Water Smart!

Charlotte Water’s Smart Irrigation Program can save you money on your monthly water bills.  Approved Smart Irrigation Controller and Rain Sensor are required.

Rainbird Wifi Smart Irrigation Controllers  are  now available and can be controlled from your smart phone.


  • easy to set up and customize
  • makes manual watering easy
  • monthly water reporting
  • automatic adjustments to daily watering to match the season, local weather, temperature, and humidity
  • watering delay that can be activated for 1-14 days
  • optional notifications and alerts
  • multi user timer access allows us to easily help you program and run your irrigation remotely